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About Alice

Background: Meiyao Hu, a Taiwanese immigrant, arrived in the wonderland of South Africa on 1st January 1990 when she was young and innocent, yet open-minded. It was here that her adventure began. She adopted the name Alice, for ease of use and pronunciation.

Experience: She started her working career in the Transkei, and after only 9 months the bright lights and excitement of Johannesburg drew her in. Here, an immigration consultant discovered her talent and head for business. A few years later, she went into the import & export industry, where exposure through seven years of international exhibitions shaped her unique style in understanding and having respect for people from all different cultures.


Real Estate History: Her passion for real estate eventually led her to follow a career which began with Pam Golding Properties, then Remax One Bedfordview, and eventually founded Alice Hu Properties in Nov. 2003, with her current specialisation being in residential as well as commercial property.

Principles: Open, straight, honest and committed to people who trust in us to deliver.


Vision: To be of service to everyone who have the dream to own their own home. ( Think big, start small, then we will all reach the road of our dreams).

Message: Be Conscious, Present and Still at all times. Save and Care for the planet and go Green.


Conclusion: We are here to serve you!